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    Here at Hope for America, Inc., we are committed assisting families all over America. Our goal is to bring hope and stability back to the communities through providing resources, education, and and support. Many communities have great community assistance programs but the programs my lack the resources needed to provide assistance when major crisis hits a community. Hope for America, Inc. wants to bridge that gap. We want to assist the community programs with needed financial support as well as direct team member support.

   Over the past three years we have been able to help prevent over 3000 families from foreclosure, pay electric bills for emergency situations, donate vehicles to needy families, offer educational assistance, job seeking assistance, elderly care assistance, legal assistance, and many other services. 

   We are proud to say that 100% or the donations received in 2012, 2013, and 2014 went directly to the families in need. In many cases the directors of Hope for America, Inc. reach into their own pocket to help support families facing some turbulence in life. Our board of directors are five like minded Minnesota residents that seek to create value to everyone in need. As we continue to grow we will reach out to every state, county, community, family and individual to provide resources, education and hope. 

       Become a part of Hope for America, Inc where we believe you can leave your legacy of serving others and changing the world. 

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